Sitemap - 2020 - Simon Owens's Media Newsletter

How publishers will deal with the "Substack problem"

Scaling from a one-man personal finance blog to a $102 million acquisition

This journalist launched a news outlet for French expats in the U.S.

The resurrection of Facebook Instant Articles

This agency makes it easier for media startups to get off the ground

Are publishers to blame for the disastrous "pivot to video"?

The strategic brilliance of Slate's pivot to podcasts

The encouraging rise of media cooperatives

He amassed 5,000 subscribers for one of New Zealand’s first paid newsletters

Longform interviews with media entrepreneurs

Are Substack newsletters too expensive?

How a popular sewing blog evolved into a trade association

Why you don't need ads to monetize your media company

Why Andrew Sullivan’s new paywall experiment will outlive his last one

Don't underestimate Amazon's podcast ambitions

Why this digital publisher launched a twice-yearly print magazine

Why acquire a media company when you can just snipe its star talent?

How Zarna Garg became an unlikely TikTok star

The biggest mistakes indie podcasters make

Lessons learned from producing 100 podcast episodes

Why the "subscription fatigue" argument is overrated

How a bestselling author became a one-man media company

Is Facebook more influential than legacy media?

How Serial Box is disrupting traditional book publishing

Publishers are placing more of their content behind hard paywalls

Why most podcasters will benefit from the platform wars

Why Bloomberg is such a great media business

Can local news thrive on Substack?

How media companies are monetizing TikTok

Why a Fortune Magazine writer left her job to focus on her newsletter

The death of local news is greatly exaggerated

It’s not all doom and gloom. These 9 local news orgs are thriving

What Spotify's latest podcast acquisition really means

Slate is no longer a magazine. It's a podcast company

This agency helps B2B tech companies develop their own podcasts

Why a Twitter acquisition of Substack would be a bad idea

This sports podcaster's listeners pay him for text messages

Why Crooked Media is succeeding where Air America failed

This former Patch reporter launched his own thriving local news site

Publishers can charge for access to online communities, but it’s hard

How the wedding blog One Fab Day grew into a thriving media business

Quibi could have succeeded. Here's how

Macmillan was an early podcast pioneer. Here’s what it’s up to next

A Medium writer made $49k in September. Should we care?

FreightWaves is building a media empire around the logistics industry

Why Ira Glass is the godfather of modern podcasting

He wrote a newsletter for the Chicago Tribune. Then he launched his own

Should media companies be afraid of Substack?

Terrell Johnson built a massive community around his running website

How I ran an NPR-style pledge drive to grow my newsletter

His barbecue site generates $100,000 a month

4 lessons I've learned while running a paid newsletter

Is there a large market for super expensive media subscriptions?

How Josh Spector amassed 25,000 subscribers for his newsletter

Why Medium is succeeding where other “platishers” failed

He helped launch a thriving news cooperative in Bristol UK

Medium just made several product announcements. Here’s what they mean

How Jesse Singal built a 6-figure income through Patreon and Substack

What it takes to operate a physical podcast studio

The exact time commitment it takes to run a paid newsletter

Audible is becoming more like Amazon Prime Video

Why Patreon’s business model is under threat

How The Water Coolest generated over 50,000 newsletter subscribers

Why news publishers shouldn’t give up on Wordpress

Why Wirecutter might go behind The New York Times’s paywall

Scott Brodbeck built a thriving local news company in the DC suburbs

How digital paywalls aid the spread of low quality news

How Dan Oshinsky developed the early newsletter strategy for BuzzFeed

How this barbecue website built a thriving ecommerce business

Tinyletter was one of the greatest missed opportunities in tech

Do news consumers want to pay for an ad-free experience?

This studio produced several bestselling audiobooks. Here's how

How Snapchat repaired its relationship with publishers

How to grow your newsletter by syndicating it to mainstream media outlets

Can publishers stop their journalists from launching Substack newsletters?

Can Todd Garland restore Digg to its former glory?

Can SiriusXM challenge Spotify in the podcast wars?

This media company merged local news with content marketing

The New York Times finally gained leverage over the tech platforms

This musician's video game music adaptations went viral on YouTube

How The Daily Show reinvented itself for the social media age

Why you should adapt your podcast episodes into multiple formats

Why native advertising never lived up to its promise

How the LA Times built out its podcast operations

How a blogger sold $72,000 in ebooks over a 3-day period

Very few creators become "overnight successes"

Why were large publishers spared by Amazon’s affiliate fee cut?

How a pencil artist built a massive audience on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook

How the journalism talent wars are shifting

Are publishers making any real money on virtual events?

What Kylie Jenner's lies tell us about the influencer economy

This media company scaled ad-supported newsletters to 7 cities

Why high profile writers choose Substack over Medium

Can Amazon become a major player in the podcast wars?

Does a creator even need 1,000 true fans?

How publishers grow paid subscriptions during a presidential election year

Did Joe Rogan make a huge mistake accepting his Spotify deal?

Why Spotify is trying to fuse video and podcasts

Lessons from running a successful niche newsletter

How Alexis Grant grew several successful media ventures from the ground up

Is YouTube’s trending tab overrated?

Did theSkimm try to expand too quickly?

More TV shows should leverage YouTube to drive viewership

Are we any closer to having a “Netflix for podcasts”?

How a hobby website about barbecue amassed 15,000 paying subscribers

Who’s the world’s most well-paid columnist?

Was I too harsh on Patch?

How comedians leverage YouTube and podcasts to grow their audiences

Forcing tech companies to share revenue with publishers could backfire

Is Patch the future of local journalism?

It’s boom times for food YouTubers

Designing a platform for indie writers who want to monetize their content

Why your website homepage suddenly matters again

How Industry Dive grew into a B2B media empire

Why The Outline failed to live up to its ambitions

4 ways YouTubers adapted to the adpocalypse

How the coronavirus crisis is punishing indie YouTubers

How BuzzFeed built a business around its travel vertical

How podcast listening is being impacted by coronavirus

How to convert newsletter readers into paying subscribers

Does HuffPost have much of a future?

Why subscription publishers still engage in clickbait

What’s the monetary value of longform journalism?

How Twitter uses a podcast to court advertisers

The challenging economics for local news subscriptions

How I plan to monetize this newsletter

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Why The Information’s paywall strategy is so successful


The “pivot to video” becomes the “pivot to Hollywood”

How Axios tries to create truly differentiated content

What The Athletic’s success teaches us about monetizing local news

What Ben Smith’s departure says about the future of BuzzFeed News

Why laid off journalists should launch their own media companies

The New York Times’s podcast success was a fluke

How Complex Media became one of the most innovative digital publishers

What's behind The Atlantic's expansion into short fiction?

Spotify is becoming the YouTube for podcasting

My 2019 in review