How media companies are monetizing TikTok

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Why a Fortune Magazine writer left her job to focus on her newsletter

Polina Marinova had her dream job writing a daily newsletter for Fortune Magazine. Then she took a leap of faith to grow and monetize her own newsletter. Here's why. [link]

ESPN Confirms Future Shut Down of Esports Editorial Operations

This is a strange move for ESPN considering that esports is the fastest growing sector in sports. [link]

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The next fleet of Breitbarts is already raking in your ad dollars

These right-wing sites are a major reason publishers have such a hard time getting decent ad rates on their political content. Brands are nervous and are blocking political keywords in the programmatic buys, thereby punishing all websites, good and bad. [link]

How Gallery Media turned TikTok into a 7-figure business

Media companies are starting to test out selling sponsored videos on their TikTok channels. [link]

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Fullscreen To Be Dramatically Affected By WarnerMedia Layoffs

A few years ago, we thought YouTube multi-channel networks would become the next huge media companies, but most have fizzled out. Disney also admitted that its purchase of Maker Studios was a dud. [link]

Spotify Goes ‘Nose-to-Tail’: Is this the beginning of the end for the dream that was podcasting?

This piece argues that Spotify's rapid expansion into podcasts will be bad because it'll drive down CPMs. While that may be true, there are reasons to be optimistic about the podcast arms race between platforms. I'll dive into it more in a future article. [link]

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