How Complex Media became one of the most innovative digital publishers

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How Complex Media became one of the most innovative digital publishers

For the past few years, the media industry has looked to companies like Vice, BuzzFeed, and Vox as leaders in digital innovation — the models for how any publisher should operate in a post-print world. But I would argue that Complex, though it gets a fraction of the coverage of those other three companies, deserves credit for its versatility and business acumen. Not only has it generated impressive audience numbers across a range of media properties, but it’s also proved adept at diversifying its revenue streams, in effect defying the harsh economics of internet publishing. [link]

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Other news:

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I'm encountering more and more examples in which a publisher, almost completely by accident, turns one of its behind-the-scenes editors into a YouTube star. Video talent sometimes lurks where you least expect it. [link]

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