Slate is no longer a magazine. It's a podcast company

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I gave this strategy a lot of thought but ultimately rejected it. I’m fiercely protective of my readership and wouldn’t want to endorse content that I’m not fully behind. Whenever I link to something in this newsletter, it’s because I actually think it’s good content and worth your time.

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Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let’s dive into some industry news:

Industry news

Slate is continuing to seem more and more like a podcast company that happens to publish an online magazine rather than vice versa. [link]

YouTubers are being put in the awkward position of trying to appeal to both connected TV and mobile viewers. These two demographics seek out vastly different kinds of content. [link]

Even though the rise of streaming video services has been good for consumers, it's cutting drastically into the profit margins of traditional media companies. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing since many had insane margins. [link]

New York Times passed 6 million digital subscribers while Gannett only just reaching 1 million, which is spread out over 260 daily newspapers. There's a huge discrepancy in paid subscriptions between a handful of big national papers and everyone else. [link]

After reading this, I continue to think Quibi could have been a much more viable business if it hadn't blown so much money on overpriced A-list Hollywood stars and instead invested in much more affordable YouTube talent. [link]

"There are now podcasts in every place that traditional audio used to be, except in local news. There are good reasons for this, but one is: Nobody has tried to build it." [link]

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To give you a taste of what these interviews look like, I’ve placed a couple in front of the paywall:

  1. This newspaper veteran launched his own Chicago-focused newsletter, and it’s thriving

  2. This site about barbecue generates 1 million views and $100k a month

  3. How to launch a thriving news cooperative in your city

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