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How a popular sewing blog evolved into a trade association

A hobby sewing blog spurred a popular Etsy store, two book deals, a hit podcast, and an entire trade association that services the arts and crafts industry. [Simon Owens]

Did Google and Facebook kill the media revenue model?

Facebook and Google are cast as the bogeymen who destroyed newspapers, but this piece points out that the news industry, which by the late 1990s had grown fat and lazy, would have been disrupted by the internet regardless of any individual platform. [Monday Note]

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How Joe Biden’s Digital Team Tamed the MAGA Internet

Some really good insights here on how the Biden campaign essentially became its own media company, strategically pulling levers across Facebook, podcasts, and TikTok to deliver its messages to voters. [NYT]

Inside TAPinto’s franchise model for local news

I've profiled them in the past, but TAPinto continues to be one of the most innovative players in the local news space. [Lenfest Institute]

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Howard Stern Extends His Agreement With SiriusXM

It remains to be seen how SiriusXM will integrate Howard Stern content into its newly-acquired podcast platforms, including Stitcher. [PR Newswire]

Why would people pay for an expensive Substack newsletter when they could get so much more content from The New York Times at the same price?

I explained why using a coffee analogy. [Simon Owens]

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