Are publishers to blame for the disastrous "pivot to video"?

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The strategic brilliance of Slate's pivot to podcasts

In 2005, an audio producer decided to fire up a microphone and record his reading of Slate articles. He didn't know it at the time, but the experiment would serve as the catalyst for one of the most brilliant strategic pivots in digital media. [Simon Owens]

On newspaper opinion sections and op-eds

What role should a newspaper opinion page play in an era when literally anyone can share their opinion online? A lot of newspapers aren't doing a very good job of answering this question. [The Media Nut]

YouTuber David Dobrik’s Latest Venture, ‘The Hundred Thousand Dollar Puzzle,’ Sells 17,000 Units In One Hour

I think I'm going to write a longer piece about this at some point, but one interesting trend I've noticed is that YouTubers have become some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the world, coming up with incredibly creative ways to generate revenue. [Tubefilter]

That article above on Slate’s pivot to podcasts?

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Prince Harry and Meghan Will Produce and Host Podcasts for Spotify

It's interesting to see how much emphasis Spotify is placing on celebrity-driven podcasts. It's a testament to the idea that the fastest way to grow an audience for a podcast is to attach someone famous to it. [Bloomberg]

Did Facebook's "pivot to video" cause publishers to face plant?

I was recently interviewed about how the media industry was impacted by Facebook's "pivot to video," which lured many of them into investing huge resources into a platform that generated no revenue. [KBIA]

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Why an ESPN pivot to streaming would be difficult

Would people pay $40+ for an ESPN+ streaming subscription? Because that's the company would need to charge to make up for the money lost from cable subscribers.

The more likely scenario is that the sports TV rights bubble pops, making it much less expensive to purchase broadcast rights. [Medium]

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Even with a key advantage removed, Google’s AMP likely to stay in publishers’ mobile product plans

"Sources at three different publishers said that, on good months, Google Discover delivers up to 25% of the referral traffic they get from Google." [Digiday]

How Podcasts Are Becoming A Hollywood Gold Mine

"Podcasts have become the sexiest IP. If you have a successful show, it’s highly likely someone is eager to turn that into a TV or film project." [Deadline]

How This American Life revolutionised radio

Several weeks ago I wrote a piece arguing that Ira Glass is the godfather of modern podcasting. This article on This American Life's 25-year anniversary really underscores that thesis. [The Guardian]

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