The biggest mistakes indie podcasters make

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Lessons learned from producing 100 podcast episodes

When it comes to production quality, too many podcasters settle for “good enough.” They look at a prestige show like This American Life and figure they’ll never achieve that kind of audio quality, so they aim for the bare minimum. [Simon Owens]

How Millennial YouTubers Make Up to $4 Million a Year Teaching Finance

A good overview of Personal Finance YouTube. I find these channels to be a little bit gimmicky, in that they drive a lot of growth through clickbait titles humble bragging about how much money they make. [Better Marketing]

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98 Million TikTok Followers Can’t Be Wrong

“I would compare it to a Hollywood studio. The only difference here is the influencers live in the studio.” [The Atlantic]

Trump bump: NYT and WaPo digital subscriptions tripled since 2016

Some interesting tidbits in here about how WashPo and NYT's strategies differ. NYT is focused on hiring big name stars, whereas WashPo is more focused on building out concentrated beats that readers find valuable. NYT is the Boston Red Sox while WashPo is the Oakland As playing moneyball. [Axios]

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