Index of case study interviews

This is an ongoing repository of my case study interviews. I’m compiling it to make it easier for new paying subscribers to access older case studies. To read these, you need to be logged into Substack through the email address associated with your paid account.

  1. How a VC investor grew her newsletter to over 100,000 subscribers

  2. How a trade show’s newsletter saved the company during Covid

  3. This Australian news site doubled its paid subscriptions over the past year

  4. Why a Hell’s Kitchen print magazine pivoted to newsletters

  5. This TV podcast generates $4,000 a month on Patreon

  6. Inside the career of a successful ghostwriter

  7. How Kent Anderson became a watchdog over the scholarly publishing industry

  8. He got laid off from Yahoo Sports, so he launched his own sports newsletter

  9. How a leading fintech events company pivoted to virtual events

  10. This journalist launched a news outlet for French expats in the U.S.

  11. He amassed 5,000 subscribers for one of New Zealand’s first paid newsletters

  12. Why this digital publisher launched a twice-yearly print magazine

  13. How a bestselling author became a one-man media company

  14. Can local news thrive on Substack?

  15. This agency helps B2B tech companies develop their own podcasts

  16. This former Patch reporter launched his own thriving local news site

  17. Macmillan was an early podcast pioneer. Here’s what it’s up to next

  18. He wrote a newsletter for the Chicago Tribune. Then he launched his own

  19. His barbecue site generates $100,000 a month

  20. He helped launch a thriving news cooperative in Bristol UK

  21. What it takes to operate a physical podcast studio

  22. Why news publishers shouldn’t give up on Wordpress

  23. How this barbecue website built a thriving ecommerce business

  24. How to grow your newsletter by syndicating it to mainstream media outlets

  25. This media company merged local news with content marketing

  26. Why you should adapt your podcast episodes into multiple formats

  27. How a blogger sold $72,000 in ebooks over a 3-day period