Sitemap - 2023 - Simon Owens's Media Newsletter

Yet more evidence that Meta doesn’t understand the Creator Economy

How a former travel journalist built a paid membership community for the PR industry

Morning Brew’s brilliant YouTube strategy

How healthy is the podcast industry?

Are LinkedIn newsletters worth the investment?

What’s going on with Google traffic to publishers?

How Living Cozy leveraged product reviews to build a successful ecommerce business

The oversaturation of “Morning Brew for X” newsletters

Are video podcasts worth the time investment?

Freelance journalism doesn’t pay

How Freetrail carved out a media niche for one of the country's fastest-growing sports

The advertising recession is over

Was Jezebel a victim of keyword blocking?

A better alternative to micropayments

How the Sunday Long Read newsletter built a thriving membership by curating longform journalism

Did The Verge figure out a great way to increase homepage traffic?

How the GameDiscoverCo newsletter launched a data product for game developers

The creator “middle class” does exist

How the Tangle newsletter reached 77,000 readers and $624,000 in annual revenue

Big tech is breaking up with publishers

Instagram proves it still doesn’t understand the Creator Economy

The thriving Creator Economy company you've never heard of

This local news outlet carved out a lucrative niche by serving Indianapolis women

Can local podcasts become profitable?

Is a decline of social media traffic bad for publishers?

The pivot back to free content

How Oovvuu grew its video platform to over 400 million streams per day

The New York Times finally understands the value of a personal brand

How a blog about the VC industry generated over $1 million from online courses

How audience interactions drive paid subscriptions

How an economics newsletter reached 35,000 subscribers on Substack

Who is the world’s most prominent journalist?

How a B2B outlet that covers the corporate travel industry built up a loyal subscriber base

The advertising industry is really good at turning a blind eye

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How B2B publisher Skift built a well-rounded and resilient media business

The dirty secret in publishing: leaky paywalls

How Man of Many grew into the largest men's lifestyle media outlet in Australia

Is a freelance journalism career even possible anymore?

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Why Starter Story ditched advertising to focus on selling its products

Micropayments still don't work

Can publishers even block AI bots?

One of the largest newsletters on Substack is leaving Twitter

The end of the advertising recession?

How the journalism career trajectory is changing

How to drive paid subscriptions without a paywall

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Business models often lag audience growth

Let's talk to four media entrepreneurs about content monetization

The Economist's brand outshines its journalism

How in-person meetings can boost your audience growth

The resurgence of the open web

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Apple has declared war on email newsletters

What the most successful local news startups have in common

The rise of unsexy B2B media

When paywalls can be counterproductive

The culprit behind Business Insider's falling subscription numbers?

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The valley of churn

Let's talk about growing your sponsorship revenue

Paywalls aren’t blocking access to high-quality news

5 case studies of successful media entrepreneurs

You're not optimizing your newsletter enough

Vice's biggest mistake

The advertising recession is definitely here

Ask me a question!

How to leverage live audio to drive paid subscriptions

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The perils of launching a subscription product too early

Let's talk to Richard Rushfield about building The Ankler

Testing out new paid subscription perks

In praise of outside-the-box media business models

The alternate universe where Gawker Media is still thriving

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The next era for bootstrapped media

Let's talk about growing your subscription business

One of the biggest mistakes newsletter writers make

The Creator Economy "middle class" does exist

Emanuel Cinca will generate over $1 million this year from his newsletter

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The media industry’s original sin

Let's talk to Stephen Hayes and Taegan Goddard about monetizing political news

Was I too bullish on Substack Notes?

Substack Notes could be the Twitter killer we've been waiting for

Announcing my newest content series

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Why some creators prefer selling online courses over subscriptions

Let's talk about selling online courses

If AI destroys the media industry, then who will feed the chatbots?

Local newspapers have lost the plot

The low-hanging fruit for newsletter publishers

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Creator funds are even more bullshit than we realized

Let's talk to Dan Oshinsky about newsletter growth

Is the Morning Brew model crumbling?

Publishers shouldn't have closed down their comment sections

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What to make of the paltry payouts from YouTube Shorts

Let's talk about how to build a successful ghostwriting business

The shallow branding of shortform video

How to supercharge your newsletter growth

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How Vice became the poster child for the Facebook media bubble

Let's talk about growing your newsletter audience

Office Hours video archive

The increasing importance of newsletters for selling books

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Understanding Business Insider’s pivots

Hire Simon

Let's talk about building an events arm of your media business

The Creator Economy isn’t overhyped

How to build a $525 million B2B media company

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Every company eventually tries to become a media company

Let's talk to Sean Griffey, CEO of Industry Dive

This YouTuber details his 12 separate revenue streams

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TikTok's monetization is "absolute garbage"

Meet the guy who’s shaping HubSpot’s media strategy

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How to build a successful B2B media company

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Why creators are in less of a rush to quit their day jobs

Let's talk about running a successful B2B media company