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The state of this newsletter

How Twitter spaces can be repurposed by podcasters

Why media companies struggle to act like tech companies

How to leverage paid marketing to drive newsletter signups

What the next crop of media startups will look like

Ask me a question! (December edition)

How to sell your media business

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It’s time for the media to embrace self-service native advertising

Let's talk about selling your content business

Why journalists are so desperate to find a Twitter alternative

5 creators reveal their #1 growth hack

15 local news entrepreneurs walk into a Zoom call

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8 creators reveal their #1 growth hack

Let's talk about building a successful local news outlet

Twitter has never understood the Creator Economy

What is the exact optimal time to publish?

You should be surveying your audience more

How to solve the podcast discovery problem

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Why Patreon is struggling

Let's talk about building your podcast audience

How to build an effective content production schedule

Is Spotify's podcast exclusivity strategy working?

Ask me a question! (October edition)

Video of yesterday's Office Hours call

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Substack found its unfair advantage

Let's talk about building an online community

Are you doing enough to recycle your evergreen content?

Why narrative podcasts are a bad investment for most publishers

Video of yesterday's Office Hours call

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Proof that paid newsletters don’t just rely on hot takes

Let's talk about growing your sponsorship revenue

The era of ad-free publishing is ending

Help me choose my next Office Hours topic!

Should Substack offer more subscriber features?

How Twitter’s podcast bet could pay off

What YouTube’s official entry into podcasting means for the industry

Are you doing enough to repurpose your content?

Are you leaning too much on your personal brand?

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4 ways publishers can nurture their communities

Let's talk about selling subscriptions and other digital products

Ask me a question! (August edition)

Can you make real money on a paid newsletter while only writing part-time?

The “pivot to community”

How laid-off journalists can launch their own media companies

4 things Axios did right

The rise of career-adjacent creators

Why Substack should launch an advertising marketplace

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What we can learn from The Guardian's membership strategy

Let's talk about newsletter growth

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It’s time for every podcaster to get on board with video podcasts

Why Medium failed

Thinking outside the box with paid subscriptions

Who's threatened more by TikTok? Meta or YouTube?

Ask me a question (July edition)

Why Spotify's podcast bet is paying off

How two graduate students launched the leading biotech publisher in Europe

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Can the Morning Brew model work with paid subscriptions?

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When should a creator throw in the towel?

How should publishers prioritize SEO?

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Media companies are pivoting back to free content

Why David Kushner is serializing his next book on Substack

How local newsletters can thrive on Substack

How a kids-focused podcaster reached 1 million monthly downloads

Assessing the success of my newsletter

Why media companies don’t partner up on bundled subscriptions very often

How investment newsletter The Daily Upside reached 300,000 subscribers

Ask me a question (May edition)

How a serial media entrepreneur launched a new MVP

An industry-wide slowdown in subscription growth

How a former Cosmo editor built Australia's largest women-focused media company

Should newsletter creators embrace programmatic advertising?

The biggest mistakes paid newsletters make

Substack's biggest competitor isn't who you think it is

How a college student launched one of the most influential B2B sports media companies

Ask me a question (April edition)

Selling high-priced products to very few people

How a podcast for entrepreneurial parents generates $200,000 a year

The enormous media company you've never heard of

Why host-read ads will never go away

How Starter Story grew to 1.4 million monthly visitors and $500,000 in annual revenue

How media startups can launch minimal viable products

The New York Times faces 4 challenges for retaining star talent

How Big Cabal Media became one of the fastest-growing news outlets in Africa

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Ask me a question (March edition)

Every publisher should have a games strategy

Don’t always believe publisher spin on the evils of Big Tech

Why The Information launched a Creator Economy newsletter

The 4 hurdles micropayment platforms can’t overcome

An easy way for Netflix to boost its growth

How an interest in whiskey birthed a thriving media company

Ask me a question (February edition)

Newsletter writers need to focus more on revenue diversification

How Maria Brito used Instagram to build a 7-figure art consulting business

Why I’m betting against CNN+

Are journalists finally being paid what they’re worth?

Why Erica Mandy left TV news to launch a daily podcast

Is Twitter the biggest driver of newsletter subscriptions?

The podcast purists strike back

How an engineering student accidentally started a thriving science news site

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