Overstory co-founder Andrew Wilkinson has his hand in so many things. Very fascinating

Nate Silver would be a great Substacker. Seems like he went too broad instead of going deeper into politics like a Politico type site

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Funny that this Overstory Media interview comes out the week before they laid off a bunch of journalists from their flagship publication, the Capital Daily Vic.

Last month, they also laid off a ton of employees at the Burnaby Beacon, the Georgia Straight and The Coast. They are becoming a legacy media chain without the legacy.

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From venture capital ROI to creator perspective it's definitely overhyped. The problem is the creator economy was tethered to crypto and not to more sound business models. Something is overhyped if the venture capital funding doesn't lead to sustainable revenue generation.

And yes, the creator economy still lacks the middle class. If TikTok is banned? Thousands of creators just die on the pavement. Instagram, LinkedIn Twitter horrible to creators. Like laughably bad. That really just leaves YouTube if you think about it.

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