I don't think we can draw any such conclusions on such a small sample size. The fact that this platform has so few Creators in categories outside of the popular writers, is alarming for the credibility of the content format. Furthemore what rises to the top isn't like you have mentioned, necessarily the best content.

Social media has also changed, going viral isn't really a thing anymore. So the nature of "hot takes" has also changed. So it saddens me greatly that ideology and realities aren't in sync yet again.

Whatever paid Newsletters rely on, news is likely a category in decline as mobile video continues to shift the attention economy. I'm naturally skeptical when we praise a few winners and draw conclusions from it.

As a reader I'm not looking for original scoops, I just want a synthesis of a topic that's educational or an op-ed on breaking news that connects the dots.

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You lost me at "mud-slinging" with Glenn Greenwald and Bari Weiss. If you disagree with them, fine, but they are both successfully writing stories they were pushed away from at their old-school media companies. I hope more "mainstream" writers do the same.

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