“He visited Ezra Pound in Venice and sang him Homer,” can this guy be my agent?

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I'm going for videocasting when I launch my podcast in January on the unsolicited advice of every colleague-friend I've spoken to about it. I assume they're insisting on it because the (somewhat) subversive nature of my worldview is less upsetting and threatening when people can see my expressions and gestures.

Full disclosure: I'm a filmmaker; editing video is as easy as editing text, although it might take me more than an extra hour because I'll include fancier stuff like graphics, or spend time getting that cut just so. But I'll set up all of that in the couple of weeks of prep that I'll do first. As with any production, you have to plan and map out carefully or you will likely end up trapped in a maze, trying to shape random dialogue and crappy footage into something workable.

It makes no difference to viewers if the setup is remote or in a studio, especially if you spend time before recording to set up the person you're speaking to in a way that isn't too potato and complements your video feed.

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