The race to build a podcast recommendation engine and why it matters

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In this week’s issue we discuss Spotify’s experimentation with recommending podcasts and why it has the potential to increase podcast listening significantly. Let’s jump right into it...

The race to build a podcast recommendation engine and why it matters

The race to build a better podcast recommendation engine isn’t about introducing incremental improvements to podcast discovery. It’s about the next great leap forward in podcasting, another Serial moment that will introduce the medium to millions of new users. [link]

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Other news:

How much money should you hope to extract from an app that only allows 15-second clips of your songs? I get not wanting to allow another company get rich off your IP, but shouldn't some degree of sampling be allowed? [link]

Driving 1 million live views per day to a streaming service isn't easy, especially when it's don't without Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube's live streaming platforms. [link]

Some fascinating insights from a guy who made $8,000 a month for a podcast that only had 4,000 downloads per episode. [link]

Traditional cable TV networks should thank their lucky stars that the two leading streaming companies -- Netflix and Amazon Prime Video -- don't accept advertising. Otherwise they'd be facing a much steeper revenue decline right now. [link]

This video is great. It tells the story of how a song that was originally uploaded on Twitter caught on with influencers and eventually landed #1 on the Billboard Top 100. [link]


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