How Clive Thompson became one of the most influential tech journalists

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How Clive Thompson became one of the most influential tech journalists

In this week’s issue, I provide you with an in-depth interview with Clive Thompson, a tech/science journalist who writes books and also magazine articles for places like Wired and The New York Times Magazine. Thompson has one of those careers that most freelance journalists dream of, so I wanted to dive deep into how he worked his way up through the journalism ranks. Spoiler alert: It wasn’t easy, and he spent the first 15 years of his career mostly broke. [link]

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Other news:

"If [Joe Rogan's podcast] were publicly traded, his podcasting business could easily fetch a valuation in the billions." [link]

"The average user with Twitter’s algorithmic timeline — now the default — follows 10% to 15% more people than those who have reverted to the old reverse-chronological timeline" [link]

What I find interesting about The Atlantic's subscription strategy is that it delayed its rollout in order to beef up its editorial staff. It recognized that it needs to offer a ton of value if it wants readers to pony up. [link]

Wow. ThinkProgress is laying off most of its staff and being rolled back into CAP. TP had a lot of influence on the national conversation. During its prime, it punched well above its weight in driving the news cycle [link] I did an interview with Judd Legum, founder of ThinkProgress, a little over a year ago to talk about how TP was adapting in the Trump era. [link]

It's always interesting to read about people who built up huge followings on YouTube only to just walk away from the platform. [link]


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