Facebook decimated this publisher’s business. So it became a paid newsletter.

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For this week’s issue, I interviewed the publisher of a political opinion site who, faced with dwindling traffic, made a radical pivot in his business model. Let’s jump right into it.

Facebook decimated this publisher’s business. So it became a paid newsletter.

The Daily Banter once generated over 6 million visitors a month, with much of that traffic coming from Facebook. Then Facebook changed its Newsfeed algorithm, and its traffic dropped by 90 percent. [link]

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Other news:

Medium has between 200,000 and 400,000 paying subscribers, which means it has an annual revenue run rate of between $10 million and $20 million. That's a pretty sizable editorial budget with which to lure content creators. [link]

IGTV, Instagram's spinoff video app, continues to be a dud. I still don't know what the value proposition is for creators, since there's no revenue shared. If there's no audience or money to be made, why bother? [link]

A fascinating profile of The View, which has become one of the most influential TV shows in politics. [link]

75% of today's kids aspire to be professional YouTubers, so it shouldn't be surprising that businesses are springing up that offer to cater to this desire. [link]

A digital media company like Vice "pivoting to television" is all well and good, but I just don't see it being a super scalable business with reliable revenue. Instead, you'll see waves of layoffs and revenue fluctuations as shows get greenlit and cancelled. [link]


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