Why nearly every news publisher should have a podcast strategy

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In this week’s issue I explain why any publisher who’s still holding out on launching a podcast should consider launching one very soon. Let’s jump right into it...

Why nearly every news publisher should have a podcast strategy

The podcast industry has reached a maturation point, one that should lure in any publishers that have thus far resisted the urge to launch their own on-demand audio programming. From both an audience and revenue perspective, we’re about to see tremendous growth, and it’s still possible for publishers to get in on the ground floor before the medium achieves liftoff. [link]

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There are few web companies today that can escape the Google/Amazon tax. [link]

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All I can say about Bustle Digital Group at this point is that it must have very patient investors. [link]

More and more local newspapers are experimenting with launching niche subscription products that cost less than subscribing to the entire newspaper. One obvious niche category? Local sports. [link]


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