Why Hulu is poised to become an advertising juggernaut

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For this week’s issue, I interviewed the founder of Techmeme’s daily podcast, which managed to become a six-figure business virtually overnight. I also go deep on why Hulu is about to become one of the most powerful players in the streaming app space. Let’s jump right into it...

Why Techmeme launched a daily podcast

Since 2005, Techmeme's been one of the most influential tech news sites on the internet. Now it has a daily podcast with over 30,000 regular listeners. [link]

Why Hulu is poised to become an advertising juggernaut

Even though there are hundreds of millions of streaming consumers, most of the $70 billion advertisers dedicate to TV commercials stays on linear TV. Earlier this year, one firm estimated that OTT streaming only accounts for 3 percent of TV advertising budgets even though 29 percent of TV viewing occurs on streaming apps. As advertisers start to shift their budgets to streaming, Hulu is well positioned to dominate in this category. [link]

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Other news:

Interesting to read how Forbes monetizes its 30 Under 30 franchise. Not only does it get millions of pageviews, but there's the print magazine spread, and then it also hosts live events around the world that attract 10,000 people. [link]

As more and more streaming apps battle it out, they're finding that subscriber churn is really high. Consumers like to subscribe to an app for a specific sports season or to binge their favorite show, and then unsubscribe as soon as they're done watching. [link]

Facebook Watch is having a hard time getting a piece of TV ad budgets. Hulu and YouTube are miles ahead in offering up TV-like inventory and buying options. [link]

Freelance writers often find themselves competing with low-cost workers who bid for projects on sites like Fiverr and Upwork. Quartz experimented with hiring writers on Fiverr for between $5 and $15, and, well, you get what you pay for… [link]

A really good overview of product recommendation websites and what it means now that news media companies are increasingly wading into ecommerce. [link]


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