The media industry might be healthier than you realize

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The media industry might be healthier than you realize

When discussing the jobs lost in the major upheaval of online media, we should at least acknowledge that new jobs are being created as well. [link]

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I think it's going to be incredibly difficult for a single publisher to scale podcast subscriptions. A publisher might be better off trying to sell a series to a subscription app like Spotify, Luminary, or Stitcher Premium. [link]

Can niche streaming services compete with the Netflixes and Disneys of the world? [link]

Tech blog Pando Daily sold to an advertising company. Here’s a small Twitter thread I wrote last night about how mediocre (and irresponsible) it was. [link]

A pretty good breakdown of the business economics of a YouTuber with a mid-sized audience. [link]

"The fact is that my show gets, double, triple, sometimes five or 10 times the viewership of a major cable show ... You can bet that I’m not getting paid anywhere near what those networks are getting paid for having advertising on their content.” [link]


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