How BuzzFeed is solving native advertising’s scale problem

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So I completed my final triathlon for the year and have officially switched over to training for the Richmond Half Marathon. I’m going to see Joker tonight but have already resigned myself to not liking it. And finally, I have a new article for you. Let’s jump right into it.

How BuzzFeed is solving native advertising’s scale problem

For a brief time, it seemed like every publisher was launching a native advertising arm, and that the business model might serve as the magic bullet to save online media against the scourge of the Facebook/Google duopoly. But then native advertising pioneers like BuzzFeed and Vice started reporting revenue misses. [link]

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Other news:

So the new Sports Illustrated is basically attempting to replicate the original Bleacher Report model several years after Bleacher Report determined that running a content sweat shop wasn't really viable anymore. [link]

The combined Taboola and Outbrain will generate $2 billion in revenue and employ 2,000 employees. That's $1 million in revenue per employee. [link]

Bombshell from this article: The company formerly known as Gizmodo Media has a larger web audience than Vice and Refinery29 combined. Nick Denton really knew what he was doing when he built that company. [link]

"TikTok prevents users from keeping track of the time by covering the clock displayed at the top of their smartphone screens. That means TikTok addicts like me can quickly lose track of how many minutes we've on the app" [link]

An interesting interview with the founder of Epic Magazine, which formed to create a more efficient pipeline between narrative magazine journalism and Hollywood. [link]


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